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Mother Effie Mae's Superb Meatloaf (S1 E2) - Mom Cheyne

1/2 Cup Oatmeal (Reg/Quik) + 2/3 Cup Milk (Mix in small bowl & let stand while you gather other items.)

2# Regular Hamburger

1/2 Pkg Onion Soup Mix (Alt: Onion-Mushroom)

1/3 Cup Catsup (KETCHUP!!!)

1 Egg (Remove shell for company)

MIX hamburger, onion mix, oatmeal-milk, Ketchup & egg in large mixing bowl (Do not maul!!!!)

Fit into regular loaf pan (4 x 5 x 9) and bake at 325° for 2 hours COVERED w/ foil. Remove cover and continue baking 1/2 hr to brown & reduce liquid.

[Notes: Mom would have used whole milk. Ground turkey is a good substitute for hamburger; we have not yet tried plant-based grounds.]

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