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“Nativity” is Christmas music reimagined, presenting songs of the season - some familiar and some less so - including "Wasn't That A Mighty Day," "Wexford Carol," "What Child Is This?" "Rejoice!" (O come, o come, Emmanuel), "Angel's Gloria," "Christmas Bells," "Cradle Hymn," "O Holy Night," & "Some Children See Him." Solo voice with various accompaniments, from piano, to handbells, to orchestra with choir.


Track 1: Wexford Carol (with Wasn’t That A Mighty Day as introduction) [voice & orchestra]

Track 2: What Child Is This? [voice & piano]

Track 3: Rejoice! [voice & orchestra]

Track 4: Angel’s Gloria [voice, piano, & handbells]

Track 5: Christmas Bells [voice, piano, & orchestra]

Track 6: Cradle Hymn [voice, violin, piano, & bass]

Track 7: O Holy Night [voice, orchestra, & choir]

Track 8: Some Children See Him (with Wasn’t That A Mighty Day as coda) [voice, piano, & cello, with strings & choir]

Track 9: Wexford Carol (bonus single) [voice & orchestra]

Track 10: Some Children See him (bonus single) [voice, piano, & cello]


This is the complete Nativity album (WAV), with booklet (PDF).

Nativity - Deanna Cheyne (album) [WAV format]

  • This download is a zip file containing 10 audio files (WAV) and 1 information booklet (PDF).

  • See individual tracks for audio previews.

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