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CheyneMusic is music composition & performance. Whether it's James' writing, conducting, playing, and typesetting, or Deanna's singing, conducting, and writing, you'll learn about our music, our performances, how to purchase our materials, and how to contact us, all through this site. Check out our latest activities and products today.

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James Cheyne was born in Galesburg, Illinois. Prior to entering university, he received most of his music training and inspiration from his father, James Cheyne, Sr.


James attended Michigan State University, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition in 1978; and the University of Illinois, receiving a Master’s Degree in Music Theory and Composition in 1981. His composition teachers have included Irwin Fischer, David Liptak, Salvatore Martirano, and Ben Johnston.


James is a composer and conductor, among other interests. Most of his current compositions are for orchestra, choir, brass band, ensembles, & soloists. As a conductor, he has led several ensembles, and was  the music director for Sunshine Brass Band from 1999 to 2019. As a pianist, he performs regularly with his wife, Deanna.



Deanna is a graduate of the University of Toronto School of Music, where she studied vocal performance and choral music under the guidance of such world renowned choral conductors as Doreen Rao and Elmer Eisler. Her vocal teachers were the legendary Lois Marshall (private voice), Greta Kraus (German lieder), and Rosemarie Landry (French chanson).


Deanna has performed throughout North America, South America, & Europe as a soloist, as well as serving as a choral director, adjudicator, and clinician.

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